Thursday, 11 December 2008

A Question of Love

“I was talking to a young girl the other day who said that she did not believe that horses could love.” Said the rider.

“That is the very question we horses ask each other about humans. Are humans capable of love? Man’s inhumanity to man we find very puzzling. If you love you cannot kill.”

“I’ll have to go away and think about that.” Said the rider.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Did you see my goat?” said the horse.

“It’s not your goat,” said the rider, “it belongs to the people who own the yard.”

“Oh no it is my goat” said the horse.

“How so? said the rider.

“When the goat is with me he is my goat.”


“Why did you throw me off?” said the rider.

“I didn’t throw you” said the horse.

“You did” said the rider.

“You know this is how wars are started” said the horse.


“What is so wonderful about a green field?” said the rider.

“Ah,” said the horse, “it is a place where I can hear the bees picking up the pollen.”


The rider asked, “What is you greatest need?”

The horse said, “to eat.”

“What is your next greatest need?”

“To be still.” said the horse.


“What is the difference between youth and age?” asked the rider.

“In youth,” said the horse, “we cannot discriminate between knowledge and wisdom. In old age we can.”

“As I get older,” said the rider “I find I become less tolerant.”

“As I get older,” said the horse “I can distinguish between the things I should tolerate and the things I should not.”

The Three C's

The rider said, “What is love?”

The horse answered, “ Love is commitment, consistency and confidence.”


The horse said, “Love me.”

And the rider said, “How do I show I love you?”

And the horse answered. “Through your commitment to me.”


“Why do you stand so still?” said the rider.

“Because I can feel the earth move,” said the horse.


The rider said, ”I have dreams of winning!”

And the horse said, “They are your dreams.”

And the rider said, “Will you help me realize my dreams?”

And the horse said, “That is why we came into the world.”


“Why do you refuse to jump?” said the rider.

“Because unless I’m trapped it is not in my nature,” said the horse.

“Why do you jump then?” said the rider.

“Because I can,” said the horse.


The horse said, “Untie me.”

And the rider said, “But you will run away.”

And the horse said, “Why should I run away if you love me?”


The horse said, “Trust me.”

The rider said, “How can I learn to trust you?”

And the horse said, “By listening to me.”

And the rider said, “How can I learn to listen?”

And the horse said, ”By being quiet.”